Posted by: Sree | March 1, 2012

Winning Life…

You gonna face the blowing wind

You gonna chase your distant dream

You gonna shout that world is yours

You gonna show that you are in game


When this world pushes you

When this life stares at you

Take your life eye to eye

Fight it back neck to neck


Give your lips a winning taste

Give your life a stunning pace

Live your life on your terms

You gonna rock… You gonna win

Posted by: Sree | September 18, 2009

Following my dream

Well… life is very much interesting… it never gives what you want and many people end up taking what is offered. I have come across many of that kind and I have seen them losing their courage and belief on them and others once they are trapped.

Some people are different they never accept what is offered and chase for what they want. They will go through rough patches, lot of criticisms and much more but they never gave up certain things …their hope, their dream and their vision…I respect those and I believe in them… and luckily I got chances to interact with some of them in my past.

I am also taking a step now towards my dream. There are many who walked before and shown to me that success follows when you have determination. There are many who will follow. There are many who like me want to start that journey. From now I am putting some serious effort to share my thoughts about my journey towards entrepreneurship.

A dream which was there with me from childhood

A dream which is matured along with me

A dream which tells me think different

A dream which made me what I am

A dream which ignite my thoughts

A dream which charge my energy cells

A dream which made me believe that

entrepreneurship is the way of life.

Posted by: Sree | September 10, 2009

Let me start again…

Its been an year now i did some scribbling…I think the time has come for me to start again…

Let us see how far i can take this…

Posted by: Sree | August 26, 2008

Bikram’s Yoga College of India

He he he …. yes thats true.. there is an Indian in US named Bikaram Chowdhary how is making waves through his revolutionary method of yoga popularly known as “Bikram Hot Yoga ” -a yoga class performed in a room that is 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity – Bikram and his brand of yoga have drawn controversy.

While others have tried, he has been the only person to successfully trademark and franchise a brand of yoga, to many yoga experts’ chagrin. With more than 500 studios teaching his yoga worldwide and 6,000 trained instructors, Bikram is now the rock start of Yoga.

some Q & A with Bikram which i got from the net

Q: How is your yoga different from other people’s yoga?

It’s day and night. Other people’s yoga is based on an old-fashioned,
5,000-year-old system. When you do my yoga, you use your body in the
right way, scientifically, organ by organ, piece by piece.

great yogi in India, including my guru, used to teach one-to-one. But
I’m the first man to teach a group of people – half men and half women
– some kids, some old, some with diabetes, some with cardiovascular
problems. So I created a yoga antibody. In 26 postures, you take care
of everything in your body. A problem you have, you fix it. A problem
you don’t have, you activate the organ and keep it in perfect
condition, like a brand new car.

Q: I hear your working with NASA – what are you helping them with?

am working with NASA on research for bone density. I can cure
osteoporosis [with my yoga]. President Bush has a project for NASA to
go to Mars. [NASA research shows that Bikram’s yoga will maintain bone
density in astronauts in space].

Q: How did you come up with the idea of doing your sequence of yoga in a hot room?

I was teaching in Tokyo in the ’70s in a penthouse in a yoga school,
and five people could come into the room only . And it’s so cold
outside – minus 10, minus 15 like Chicago – so then one of the
Americans brought a heater from home. And then three students brought
them. In the heat, bodies become supple, flexible, and [heat] prevents
injuries. When you’re hot, you sweat, and all the toxins come out.

Q: Why did you patent your yoga?

Can you drive in Illinois without a driver’s license? Can you practice
law without passing the bar? Can you teach Bikram yoga if you are not
trained and qualified by Bikram? Same thing. So there are a lot of
people using my name, reading my books, reading my tips, taking my
classes and teaching it. So I did it to protect myself. This is not
walking and jogging – this is treating people with cancer, AIDS, spinal
injuries, or not having a baby. I had a student who could not have a
baby. She came to my classes for four months, and then she had a baby.

so those who love to got for a Hot yoga … Bikram’s Yoga is not a bad choice..:-)

Posted by: Sree | August 21, 2008


While surfing  i came across with some data.

“About 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations. This is one person every three and a half seconds. Unfortunately, it is children who die most often.

Yet there is plenty of food in the world for everyone. The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severe poverty. They lack the money to buy enough food to nourish themselves. Being constantly malnourished, they become weaker and often sick. This makes them increasingly less able to work, which then makes them even poorer and hungrier. This downward spiral often continues until death for them and their families.

They put some photographs in the site …. it is bad…really bad…

I don’t have any food to eat
I don’t have a home to stay
i don’t have any cloths to change
i don’t have a dream to chase

in my land they fight for God
in my land they fight for cast
in my land they fight for water
in my land they fight for power

Can i raise my questions please
Greedy world will you listen to me
I am fainting in this crowded street
someone help me for a one time meal

Posted by: Sree | August 14, 2008

Hunt Elephants not Mice !!!

In my last post about Olympic I posted some lines, which I read, in a site.

According to those statistics those who were success in sports is mainly because of their determination and hard work. It is the same for Abhinav Bindra also.

But most of us forget to mention one more name along with his name. Abhinav ‘s father A S Bindra. One of his interview quoted he saying the following, “Every parent wants to give his child the best. When I saw the talent in Abhinav, and had a belief that he would nurture the talent, there was no looking back as far as I am concerned,” says A S Bindra.

It is true that without Abhinav’s determination this achievement wont be possible but still we should not forget the kind of support system he has.

When coming back to the conditions in our country, where most of the talents are not that lucky like Abhinav , there is a lot of work has to be there to make their dreams come true.

For them (which includes me!!!) I would like to put one old saying, which I read once, “Hunt Elephant not Mice”.

Most of us spend lot of our time doing things, which may be very successful, but the impact for the same will be very less in our life. This can be true not only in sports but every walk of life. we should put our time and dedication to those task that even we just managed to complete also will make a great impact and if we are successful in that then that will be a revolution.

Posted by: Sree | August 13, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled, originally uploaded by Eric Austria.

This is an amazing pic i found in flickr which is uploaded by Eric Austria

Posted by: Sree | August 11, 2008

Some Olympic Thoughts

One more Olympic is here. where are we standing ?

Its a shame for a country like India to participate in Olympic.

Some facts i got from an article by Neeta Lal which was there in Asia Times :

For one, a nation of a billion-plus people – the world’s most populous democracy – has dispatched a small squad of 57 athletes (and 42 officials) to the Games. In other words, with a total of 28 sports and 302 events to compete in, only a meager 57 Indians athletes are qualified participants.

Contrast this with the United States, which marches into Beijing with a powerhouse contingent of 596 athletes. China has 639 and even tiny Estonia has 47 representatives. In terms of the total Olympic medal tallied, India ranks even behind Nigeria, a country whose economy is one-twentieth of its size.

Since India started participating in the Games in 1900, it has managed only 17 medals and only 12 since its independence in 1947. Even this abysmal tally is skewed, as the bulk of the medals (11) have been won in field hockey a team sport for which India didn’t qualify this year.

Most disquieting for Indian sport lovers this year is not the tiny squad, not even the past dismal record, but the glaring omission of India’s national sport – hockey – from the Olympic contingent. This is all the more hurtful considering this is the first time that the Indian hockey team has ever failed to qualify.

Why does India perform so poorly at the Olympics? Why does a nation that awes the world with its IT prowess, its spectacular economic growth trajectory and its ever expanding list of billionaires, score so dismally in global sports?

For one, India’s annual budget for sports is too meager. This year’s US$280 million worth of funding is overshadowed by international standards. For example, China’s – one of India’s biggest rivals – has earmarked $2 billion for this year’s Games.

About half the money from India’s outlay will be channeled towards administrative expenses and the salaries of officials and bureaucrats. In other words, much of it will be gobbled up in administrative expense rather than the crucial training of athletes. The few international star athletes which India has produced (Sania Mirza, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi in tennis and Vishwanathan Anand in chess, to name a few) have succeeded in spite – not because of – the nation’s sports administration systems.
India has much to learn before it can impress the world with its sporting prowess

Lets watch and see how our stupid SAI response to this situation.

Posted by: Sree | July 30, 2008

My own Rain

With your pearl drops
You decorate me from head to toes
With your heavenly nature
You take me from sorrow to smile

When you come I feel happy
When you touch I feel warmth
When you speak I feel music
When you leave I feel vacuum

Walking disguise in the street
You gave me a good company
With your presence in my town
You gave my streets a shining smile

If I run for a reason
Stormy clouds will you chase me?
In the park when I walk little dizzily
Lovely rain will you come little drizzly?

Posted by: Sree | July 29, 2008

We will wait for the next blast!!!!

Last 3-4 days whenever I open our TV channels or newspaper I can see lot of stuff about bomb blast and related stories.

Lot of caution messages from friends and relatives filled my inbox as usual. TV channel advising us about not going there, not doing this, not dong that etc, which can be done by each one of us who have some common sense… But the true problem is still there. Terrorism…

What are we going to do for this? Is there any solution for this? No body got an answer for this. Every one includes our Government wants to be play safe by visiting terror affected areas… Giving some financial aid to those who lost their families…Politicians will be there in the TV channels telling different views and attacking the other parties saying they are causing the problem… but at the end the poor people suffer and this will not end at all…

The sad part of the story is only a minority group is there to perform such actions against the entire world and still no one is there to control or prevent these activities. This people want this world to know about them, so other than this act of foolishness they don’t have any things else to prove that they are right or they even exist. They feel that there is no alternative other than killing innocent people to get noticed or to express their political, economical or religious views.

They still want to sit like a frog in a  well and they love to shout that theirs is the  real world and love to believe that one day the surrounding will understand this  fact and follow them !!!!

We do praise lot of people for their leadership qualities and we call ourselves the most advanced species and boast that we have the power of thinking…But these incidents shows where we are standing as human beings and what we achieved till now…As usual after some days these media will stop talking about this blasts…we don’t take any measure to prevent these activities… we will prove that we are still the same.

So all the very best for all of us and we will wait for the next BLAST!!!!

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